About Martyn Zij

Martyn Zij developed an unique taste for different music genres from all over the world, diverse but with a similar characteristic - music which gives space, excites trance and imagination but also ensures a presence in the “here and now”. His sound ranges from grounding bass & beats, tribal grooves to a more meditative and lyrical vibe. These he brings together in a funky and soul-full way touching the heart of the dancer and listener. >>>

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is practiced barefoot to an electronic tapestry of soul-stirring world rhythms. The DJ's are experts specifically chosen for their ability to craft a movement journey designed to help you move, as well as bring you the newest and most exciting music in the electronic and world music scene. The music creates an uplifting and connecting energy field.

Tracks & Remixxes

Listen to remixxes & tracks Martyn Zij produced >>>

Mixxes & Recordings

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For bookings and information:

phone: +31 (0)6 50 491 289
mail: bookings@mzr.nl